My Celibacy journey: Abstaining from intimacy until marriage.

Gems Perspective: Value yourself enough to wait 🤍.

My celibacy journey started almost two years ago but I don’t quite remember the exact date or month. The reason I started my celibacy journey was to cleanse my being. Being in intimate relationships with people you are not energetically aligned to can disrupt the balance of your psyche. At first I thought being celibate would be hard. It turns out it was not. I was already focused on my on my priorities so it was not as difficult to completely take my attention from extra curricular activities with people that didn’t serve my highest good.

Even though I had slipped once and broke it one time in November last year. I felt like my angels had to make me experience that to show me that is not what I wanted in life. I expected more and he under delivered on his promises. I won’t go deep into everything that happened in the interaction because it would be embarrassing to him. I believe we are all human beings with feelings and emotions. So I won’t be using my platforms to give a space to negativity.

I saw him a day before valentines days this year. He tried to reconcile and spend Valentines day with me but I already know in my heart he is not the right person for me so I politely declined. Instead of wasting his time.In his words intimacy felt “great and excellent”… from my point of view we didn’t have a connection. So I think it’s best we just be friends. I don’t think we are compatible.

So from November until now I am back on my celibacy journey that I was on for over a year until I broke it. I am still waiting on my divine partner the one that God has made for me. In the mean time I’ll focus on self improvement and building a stronger relationship with God. So when the right person comes in divine timing I will be ready for them.

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