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I had already written this post on January 1st but it got deleted when I was trying to clean up my website storage. My whole website got deleted as a matter of fact. So I’m slowly but surely adding all of my articles back. So subscribe and let’s delve into the topic.

On to the topic of reflections when we do a deep dive we realize that all our experiences were making us stronger. When we look at how it has carved us out to be a better version of ourselves we thank God for all that we have gone through. When we reflect on our childhood a lot of us are still suffering from childhood wounding. When we address those traumas of our childhood then we can heal and become the best version of ourselves.

When we reflect we see how it affects our relationships, friendships and overall work-life balance. When I reflect I use my reflections to level up myself and my life. I learn life lessons from my experiences and I analyze my strengths to further develop them into life-changing abilities.

 Reflections is not only for the bad parts of our lives. Reflections are also for the best parts of our lives. I mostly reflect on the best parts of my life because my life has mostly been beautiful. Like any human we all have ups and downs but focusing on negativity will not bring you a positive outcome.

For example I have always been a academically average student in some areas but in the academic areas where I shine such as English and business because I really am passionate about those areas. I use my reflections to focus on what I was doing extraordinarily well in. I then amplified focus on those areas. I always use my strengths that I got from those areas now to funnel into my business and into my personal life. Some of those extraordinary abilities is oration, writing and helping others to change their mindsets to elevate and evolve their lives.

My reflections have made me a better person it has made me a better speaker and it has helped me to connect more with others. I use my Reflections to change the lives of others. I also use my reflections inl business such as creating even more business ideas. When you go on my website you will see that I have over 60 branded websites. I use my reflections to create better business strategies every single day. These are reflections are not the ordinary type of reflections.

I believe my refreflections are channeled straight from the divine because when I look back I don’t see things from my past. I mostly see my future and I see where I’m going and I see my blessings. I am always in the boss babe mindset I know it’s a cliche slang but I just absolutely love it… And yes I am a boss babe person that can generate over 500 business ideas in a day I know it sounds crazy but it’s true I had a book with all of them written down I think I still have that book somewhere around here. Ok enough ego stroking for now.

At one point I used to ask God how comes and how will I manage so many ideas. The answer I got was if it wasn’t for you it wouldn’t have been giving to you. When I reflect I realize that my life was never as bad as I used to see it as. What the brain and the beauty I possess the world is mine for the taking and when I say beauty I’m not just talking skin deep my beauty comes from my beautiful personality. I am always on a high vibrational frequency because I vibrate from the frequency of love, happiness, peace prosperity and deep understanding.

I know I may be getting into a whole different topic when I say this but when you vibrate on a low vibrational energy vampire hateful, confusion, contention vibration. You attract nothing but that same energy to you. You also lose your blessings and you will always in a whirlwind of problems and controversy. A lot of people see that I am blessed and they’re wondering how come I am always blessed it is because I am vibrating from what I call an angelic frequency.

Sometimes I can be low on cash. Then out of nowhere comes a blessing and it happens more times then I can count. It is like my guardian angels is always there helping me without me even have to call upon them. I personally think it is because I embody the Earth Angel essence. You can read more about the Earth Angel essence in the link attached. Long story short is that the Earth Angel essence as I call it is when you walk and live in a positive vibration and you do nothing but good unto others. So nothing but good always comes back to you.

So when you are doing your reflections Always remember To use it to improve your life. A friend once told me before I started to smoke cannabis back then he said to me that whatever you focus on while smoking cannabis spiritually wise it will either amplify your life for the better or for the worst. So basically he said to me if you medz( medz is the Jamaican term for thinking) on good things your mindset and your life will change for the better. If you medz on evil that is the outcome you will receive. I always kept that in mind when I was smoking. I would set an intention for positive things to happen and for me to have a great business ideas and that is exactly the outcome I got.

Another Pro tip when the reflections is to analyze your childhood wounding. Childhood wounding comes from not just that have happened in our early childhood but also things that happened in our teenage years. What I would suggest when doing reflections based off of childhood wounding is to keep a journal that journal will help you in analyzing correctly what are your triggers in your adult life and out effectively maneuver around those hiccups.

Reflections also help with shadow work. Shadow work is when we explore our dark side or our shadow side in order to improve our lives. Lots of people run from or hide the shadow side or the shadow aspect of themselves which can cause problems in our daily lives such as anger issues, procrastination, limiting self beliefs and much more. when we explore our shadow side we eat that side of us that with some people it comes out as can seeking and seeking validation from others which can have only negative outcomes.

Exploring our shadow side, I just saw Angel Number 1111 on the clock so it must be a Divine message I’m giving someone. Exploring our shadow side shows us how to deal with our triggers and our inferiorities. If you know me in person you know I had an violent explosive unpredictable boiling temper. I used to flip if you skipped- meaning I would have an explosive temper outburst at the drop of a hat. While xploring my shadow side I slowly eased out of that low vibrational energy. I used to get violent so fast and it would always get me in trouble but as I got older and more mature I put that side of me aside. Let me be honest it is not gone but it’s not as strong and as prevalent in my daily life as it used to be.

I realize my triggers and I did not let them trigger me anymore. My anger issues were so bad I was referred to get counseling on multiple occasions because of the damage it would cause. I no longer live in that confusion energy. I am so high vibing right now and I’m so blessed that I have no reason to be stressed😄. Also I think I have too much to lose to be bwaling with any bum. What do I look like out here throwing down with a busty. I look too good for that and I’m also too successful for that at this point. I always let egative people’s own energy take care of them.

Also I don’t even pay attention to my enemies as much as I used to. I’m not out here open I’m always on guard but my enemies have no power to trigger me like before. I am always inside working on my businesses so only positive energy and most times comes my way. Let me add something else to this already long post. I saw a post on YouTube where it says crazy how minding your own business makes people upset. So you could be in your house minding your own business and it would still bother someone that it has no business bothering. so in this world it’s a damn if you do and damn if you don’t situation.

Enough of that energy, let’s get into ways how reflection can benefit you in the coming years.

Look on yourself 5 years ago, look on yourself now and look at your future self, are you on the right path?

Well let me give you advice of myself 5 years ago when I was 21. 5 years ago I was going to Business School I was doing business management and at that time it was after a period of me being the outgoing party girl. I used to go out every night with my friends because we had the money to do so. As times progressed I realized that was not the lifestyle I wanted to live forever. I would rather to be at home watching TV, lying down in my bed and saving my money because you were spending a lot of money each night on a cannabis and liquor.

It was not benefiting me for the most part yes my friends were there and we were having fun and making memories but none of us had a business that was generating steady income. We did not realize at the time that the money we were spending on frivolous things could have been invested into more beneficial Ventures. We were all about looking good and feeling good. Fast forward a year or two later out of all of my friends I turn my life around I went to Business School and did exceptionally wellI left and got a job at a good cooperation at the time before my life flipped but but in a next post.

I later started investing my money into all the websites you see a link in my Affiliated brand section and I know a lot of you will say so why does she have so many websites. What you don’t see is that major corporations all major corporations to be honest have websites you may see one brand but they have multiple brands. You may say you should focus on one thing at a time but with my brain I literally cannot turn off my business ideas. I have to have a common place notebook on my bed every night and I write down my ideas as they come to me. I have over 30 websites no but in a couple of months for this year I’m putting the gap on 60 so I don’t get burnt out and you’re still I know some of you will still see a 60 that is too much to me it’s not too much because it is my passion.

If you see my websites I created I create aesthetically pleasing website so if I’m not creating I am just being stagnant and I hate stagnation. Stagnant energy stifles growth and we need good to evolve not only physically but also spiritually and mentally. so I have to go ahead and create the ideas that God as bestowed upon me.

When I reflect on life and I see a problem that I faced in my life that I had a issue over coming I turn that into a business idea and that my friends is where your light bulb should light up. do not reflect and wallow in self-pity of your past. Look on who you have become and look on who you are becoming in the near future. Use your Reflections wisely cuz it can make or break you mentally. I know some people that I’ve had a traumatic event or events in life and because broken them down and just broken their mentality. The mentality they have no is a survival mentality some of them have become old right narcissist because they have used their reflections in an unproductive manner.

They reflect on what the word has done to them but they do not reflect on the lessons they have learned from what they have been through and what they can do to change the world for the better with their experiences. I personally have been through hell and back many times and every time I walk back through the case of hell I come back out stronger and wiser a crown on my head. I believe with all that I have been through in life nothing or no one rather can break me I am at a point in my life where I am so strong and I am so wise that only God can put me through a lesson I can break me.

I also believe that my past was never to break me but to make me more empathetic to the problems of others that is going through what I was going through. Believe it was more of a training than a punishment is because God always kept me through whatever storms I was going through. Even while going through things that lead other people straight to insanity I was calm and I was still provided for by my angels and God and that is a testimony I need to make in church one day. I don’t look or I’ve never looked like what I’m going through or what I’ve been through I always had this aura of light around me even in my darkest times.

And that is why I say I embody the Earth Angel essence God gave me the vision to help others he had to awaken that Vision in me while going through my Dark Night of the Soul. For those of you who don’t know what the Dark Knight of the soul is when you go through trials and tribulations that is supposed to break you down to nothing lots of people don’t make it out because they delete themselves but with me I prayed and God kept me and I’ve been through a lot of these events in my life and on reflection a lot of people break down but with my Reflections I smile and I say thank God.

Thank God I was strong enough or rather he gave me the strength to get through I have been through my own 40 days and 40 nights but I have never been so broken that I forgot who I was. I stand strong and tall and who I am and who I’m becoming if you look on the about section my website the first thing you see in the editing is if I could change my past I wouldn’t and I stand by that statement I wouldn’t. The amount of strength and wisdom I have gained and happiness and experiences I have embodied throughout the years I love my life that.

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