Why I Decided I Was Going To Start Using PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis) and PEP (Post-Exposure Prophylaxis) | STD/ STI Risk and Prevention Medication.

Even though I am celibate I am going to start using the PReP medication and the doxypep medication. The reason for this comes down to one sentence ” prevention is better than cure”. You may be thinking if you are celibate why do you need to prevent yourself from STDs and STIs? Well the one straight answer to that question is because we are flesh and sometimes the flesh does falter.

Remember in my previous post when I told you about my celibacy story I told you I was not expecting to break my celibacy but I did. Also what had happened was after we had begun intimacy even though beforehand I had informed the person that we would be using protection. They wanted to remove the protection in the middle of intimacy. I had to stand my ground and physically had to be using my body strength to be resisting that person as he was using his body weight to try to force himself unprotected unto me.

What his excuse being it was because I felt “excellent” and he does not like to use protection. Long story short that experience in that moment I saw my life flash before my eyes because I did not know that the situation whould turn left so fast.

My exact facial expression whenever a guy tells me he doesn’t like to use protection. My blood pressure instantly escalates.

So with that near de*th experience as I call it 😄. Luckily I left without having to engage in unprotected intimacy. Imagine being celibate for over a year and then for you to catch an STD in one night. I took that as a sign from God and I rushed to to the health care professionals so I could start on the preventative medication process.

The reason why I including my experience is because you can see how easily I could have gone infected if God was not on my side. Don’t let someone tell you that they don’t like to use protection. That means they were swapping fluids with their partners before you, so you are not safe. It also means they do not like to save their own lives and if they don’t like to save their own lives they won’t be considerate about saving your life. I am in no way bashing the guy we are still friends to this day but you still have think with your head instead of your heart.

I think God put me through that situation and took me out of  it scratch free because you wanted me to not be so naive to certain situations and share the message with others about discernment and boundaries. Don’t let the raises someone gives you about your private area go to your head because you never know what that person may have. Do not let an inflated ego make you lose your life in a split second. In this day and age widom is worth more than gold. When it comes on to intimate partners always use discernment,

Pro tip: Always go for personality instead of looks.

Even though some personalitys can be a facade. What I have learnt in life is when you think you know who they are. There’s always an element of surprise.

Onto what is PReP and what is PEP

Prep is the pre-exposure Prophylaxis which in easy to understand terms it is just simply a medication that prevents you from catching HIV. It is a medication that you take orally daily which builds up your resistance against the HIV bacteria. So your chances of catching HIV is extremely lower than if you were not taking the medication and having unprotected intimacy.

In order to start PReP you have to be tested negative for HIV. Also whrn you are on the medication you still need to use other methods of protection such as a condom. You may be thinking why should I take this medication if I’m already using a condom. The thing is with condoms and it has happened to me frequently over the years is that they break with intense friction. So a condom which is the frequently used as a preventative method is not a 100% solid reliable method.

Reason two is that men as I mentioned in the example above do not like to use a condom. Some of them may not be as considerate as my ex in the previous example to ask if they can remove it. Even though after I told him no he did it anyways. Some of these men remove the condom while you are not looking. I never understood the risky logic behind that act because they are not only putting you at risk they are putting themselves at risk.

Death coming to collect the men who like to have unprotected sex 😄.

Pep is the post exposure prophylaxis which in its simplest terms is a STI preventative medication you take after intimacy. Upon research I discovered the medication you would take to prevent such STIs from taking root in your system is Doxy-PEP. Doxy stands for doxycycline, an antibiotic that we typically use to treat, but also to prevent, infections. PEP stands for post-exposure prophylaxis. The idea behind Doxy-PEP is that an individual will take 200 milligrams of doxycycline, ideally within 24 hours but up to 72 hours, after a sexual exposure to prevent them from acquiring a sexually transmitted infection (STI) cited from John Hopkins- Bloomberg School of Public Health.

These medications are the medications taken to prevent STDs and STIs. Though they do not boasts that they are 100% effective in preventing these bacterias. Which I strongly believe the reason for the different range of results. Is because the lifestyle choices and adherence shedule differ from patient to patient. As for me I am always grateful for whatever resources is available in order to make my life easier.

I am the kind of person that veiws the glass as half full rather than half empty, and half apple is better than none. Which means I would rather these medications be available to save my life instead of worrying about a 100% status rate. Also in the stating accuracy or effectiveness of anything. You can never say the results are 100%.

So if you want to start it don’t pay attention to the stats percentage  stated online. Pay attention to the protection they offer and how the side effects make you feel.If you would like to start any of the medications listed above. I would suggest you can go and contact your local medical department to see how you can get this preventative medical assistance.

Once I start taking the PReP I will do monthly updates such as the side effects, adherence and any other thing that I noticed while being on the medication.

Why you should start using the medication:

You will live longer
You will stay healthy
You will have peace of mind
Your relationship will be more balanced
You and your partner will be able to trust each other more

In conclusion

Even if you are celebate, in a committed relationship, in a marriage, single and still mingling. I suggest you find a way to start using these you  preventative mechanisms in order stay healthy. Don’t take life for granted you can be here today and gone tomorrow the due to the decisions you did or did not make. If you want to read my celibacy story you can click here. Until then it’s your girl Gem♦️ and remember it’s all love🤍.

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